The Other Sburb Session

Attention all Fantrolls!

Hey this is Jakenglishswaifu/Squidmama here! This is the last call for fantroll applications confirmation! If I don’t get an ask/fanmail back with the following information you’re spot will be freed up for someone else to take. You have until, umm I dunno how about Monday 11:59 EST to get back to me on either accounts.

The following information I want by Monday:
-A completed profile found here:
-Your Pesterchum Handle
-The link to you ready to rp with blog

That’s all! If you don’t want to do it anymore or want to change it up completely just resubmit everything slash let me know! Thank you for your time!

Well then

Trolls that we have so far;


I just wanna know cause curiosity?

App for Derp


Super mega awesome application done by a lazy person


Name: Foudre Versma

BirthdateWriggling Date: September 9 ((Which is like 9/9 X”D))

Alias: none

Age: 6 sweeps

Gender: Male

Residence: Alternia

Guardian/Lusus: A caterpillar

Contact other than computer: He has this tiny ring on his right,middle finger once you open it there comes a hologram of his computer screen and needs to call out his Modus to grab a keyboard (This keyboard is already connected with the ring because he downloaded a software to conclude the ring as well as the computer).


Chumhandle: passiveDictator

Pesterchum habits: Talks to everyone kindly and loves to hear their responses!

Operating system: Trollian

Font colour (also usually blood colour in trolls): Tiffany Blue

Sylladex: PrismColor Modus (This modus makes him think of the object’s color by the numbers,he usually remembers the numbers,and yells it out so the modus will bring the object out)

Typing quirk: Ends every sentence with “!~” and replaces 9 with A,O,nine,and something with ine or ime.Also replaces e with 333 for nine.He response in a happy tone.


Title: Thief of Hate

Land: Land of Knowledge and Sulfur

Denizen: Timid hot pink skunks

Client/Server: I dunno~

Strifekind: MaceKind (With a touch of Flail)

Derse or Prospit: Derse


Physically appearance: You really look like a derp.Anyways,he is not so tall or not so short for a troll.He likes he’s long cashmere sweater.Rarely combs his hair.He’s teeth are smashed because not a long time ago he got stuck on a window and banged he’s teeth.He’s sticked out teeth are 9 if you look at it closely.He smiles a lot since he likes it and it feels rather uncomfortable for him to keep his mouth shut.

Ailments: To beautiful landscape,flowers,romantic movies,and bugs.He will cry for them for being so awesome and kind of sad.He’s very sensitive!

Personality: As I said he is very sensitive.Also he is a hopeless romantic!He gets way excited easily and annoys people with he’s excitement!He tells really bad jokes and explains to you add the end if you didn’t get it a while ago.He loves Botany!

Horns: He’s left horn is really circular but with the point because of his shirt and it represents 9.While the other horn is straight and bends over a little giving off a weird shape.

Symbol: Seems like a circuit symbol! ((Got off from the internet that was a while ago so I forgot orz))

Brief History: Foudre is always happy but he can be really sad when someone bullies him.He is very kind for a troll.He loves nature and study bugs/plants.He usually spends a lot time at his hive and sleeps all day.He would like to start a new adventures in his life so he can tell about it in his blogs ((rofl what)).

Introduction: Your name is FOUDRE VERSMA and you are the THIEF OF HATE.

Your hobbies include BOTANY and IMMATURITY.Even though you SPEND ALL THE TIME AT YOUR HIVE.You really want to discover NEW LIFE.You really want a ADVENTURE AT A PART IN YOUR LIFE.You discover a nice looking weapon including the MACE AND A BIT OF THE FLAIL.You mostly like your blood color since it’s so pretty and blue…and green?You look rather SMASHING when you fall ASLEEP.Your lusus is A BEAUTIFUL CATERPILLAR,she looks rather lovely today.She can be PRETTY LAZY when talking or doing things for you.

Your troll tag is passiveDictator,you speak rather excited than any other troll!W333ll I gu333s y9u h9ve t9 kn9w m333 9 littl333 b333tt333r t9 judg333 m333,H333H333!~

Mind if you reserve number 9 for me?If not it's fine X"DDD!

Yes, of course!

Are you still accepting troll characters? >:?


Number nine is the only open option left!

No wait I think there might…

Possible four and for sure nine is still open!

The guy who took nine hasn’t told us for sure :V

Kazezi Form thingy~



Super mega awesome application done by a lazy person

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Name: Kazezi Lamine

Birth Wrigglingdate:  ((6/14 which could roughly translate to 12/28 like Dec the 28th))

Alias: none

Age: 6 sweeps

Gender: Female

Residence: Alternia

Guardian/Lusus: A strange cat-raven mix called Cavernmom.

Contact other than computer: Her lusus sometimes goes out to send messages to other trolls but Kaz will only send her out when there is no other choice.


Chumhandle: stormyZephyr

Pesterchum habits: Tends to rarely answer purplebloods due to her hatred towards them that was invoked from her past. She will answer her somewhat-matesprit though but even then she ignores him.

Operating system: Trollian

Font colour (also usually blood colour in trolls): #150038

Sylladex: BoulderBreak Modus (This modus will make the object become entombed in a hollow medium sized rock. The bigger/heavier the object, the more dense and hard the rock’s shell is. If another item is captchalogued, the first item’s rock will merge with the second item’s rock, adding or subtracting to the shell’s density.)

Typing quirk: Tends to add quote marks to the beginning and end a her sentences. Has perfect syntax and enjoys using the multiples a three to enhance her phrases. Also, up = ^, down = v, back = <———. She’ll also use periods to show that she’s being sneaky/dramatic in a serious way or just plain confused/ticked.

Example a one a her sentences: “… It has been a long time since we have talked… Have you become any more st^id ever since you have tried to vright <———stab me…?”


Title: Rogue of Void

Land: Land of Auroras and Silence

Denizen: A huge but deaf chupacabra.

Client/Server: ((Meh, I dunno yet lol))

Strifekind: Pickaxekind

Derse or Prospit: Derse


Physically appearance: but a more up-to-date version’s here: and that’s with her original symbol~

Kazezi has a rather bony and lithe frame but she is very strong. Not as strong as Equius yet she is a tad bit stronger than a subjuggulator such as Gamzee. Her light frame makes her very nimble and fast. But one disability is that the first layer of her eyes were burned out by the seadwellers that enslaved her in the past via a ‘gentle’ acid that corroded into the orange of her sclera and her cornea, revealing the black night-vision choroid and causing the ducts that would flood her iris with her blood color to shatter and flood into her pupil and iris. This causes her to be temporarily blinded by even the dimmest of lights and she sees in a 15% opacity of blue. This doesn’t effect her much but some blues will look alot more dark/vivid to her. Also, as seen in the second reference picture, she has a couple a scars on her back and two ‘love-scars’ from her somewhat matesprit~

Ailments: (if any) She tends to become rather schizophrenic at times, often talking about these things called Others ((Ex: and )). She also has a seething passion for killing purplebloods, the only exception being her somewhat-matesprit Gheret. Kaz is also very sensitive to any kind a light.

Personality:  Cold, concerned, rarely trusts anybody, silent, easily angered, easily frightened when it comes to the supernatural, caring up to an extent, shy, respectful towards tyrianbloods, annoyed when there is a purpleblood nearby.

Horns: Curved inward from the top a her head, along the sides a her head and under her eyes.

Symbol:  On vest: A 6-3 domino with the Capricorn segment symbol from the days when she was forced to mine for a band of rebellious purplebloods. On shirt underneath the vest: a dove-like three.

Brief History:  As she was growing up, Kazezi would always go out every night to FLARP and play Fiduspawn with her comrades as the incident a her’s only started when she was five sweeps. A few nights after having turning a sweep, her kismesis Kouraige went overboard when he set out to help her burn a dead seadwelling lusus she found near her close-to-water hive and had managed to fully engulf her tower in flames, only to abscond a second before. This burning pyre happens to attract a seadweller towards the shore, only to find Kaz and attempt to kill her lusus so that he may be able to cull her ‘in peace’. Shit happens, her lusus runs away and she ends up being forced to work for the seadweller and his comrades in an abandoned mine with several other lowbloods. More shit happens and she manages to blow up half a the mine with the help a a few yellowbloods in order to escape on the very same night she turns 6 sweeps. Now she lives in a cave with her lusus and barely gets enough to eat~

Introduction: You are KAZEZI LAMINE and you are the DARKEST NOBLEBLOOD THERE IS.

Well possibly. Besides the BLACKBLOODS and all.

Even if you spend most of your time MINING AWAY IN YOUR CAVE, you enjoy FLARPING occasionaly because you then have the proper EXCUSE to be able to KILL PURPLEBLOODS. You also like to DRAW ON YOUR CAVE’S WALLS and GO OUT FOR NICE LONG WALKS WITH YOUR SOMEWHAT-MATESPRIT.

Is he even your MATESPRIT at all? You don’t even LIKE HIM BACK.

Well, you have to admit. He is kinda NICE TOWARDS YOU.


Anyway, because of YOUR PAST, your STRIFE SPECIBUS is PICKAXEKIND and everything about you is MINE-THEMED. Even your LUSUS’ SPECIES’ NAME was CHANGED to be MINE-THEMED. Except for your ORIGINAL SYMBOL. You don’t really know what it is. Is it a THREE or a DOVE? You can’t really remember, considering that you have a SURROGATE SYMBOL.

Your trolltag is stormyZephyr and “… You tend to be… Very silent and dramatic… Only talking when there is need to…”

“Or perhaps when you need to make a ST^ID SEADWELLER SHUT THE HELL UP.”

… Other than that, you are VERY QUIET.

((I hope that this is good lol))

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And also a read more because I’m guessin that this’ll be a long update post.

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Crazy Train fits a surprising number of characters.

Yes yes yes yes yes.
This belongs on this blog.


Crazy Train fits a surprising number of characters.

Yes yes yes yes yes.

This belongs on this blog.

My TOS partners all have these badass perfect for Homestuck themes and I’m just like


*adjusts monocle* quite 

… Accurate-

that is what I was trying to show you.

For those who are like “Da fuq is this”

it’s for animation.


when me and mak feel like animating something

like our god tier

or whatever.


Our themes are in our favourites and whatever.

Just a youtube page.

Nothing big.